AMS 2.50 Tutorial

Date 2008/8/24 15:20:00 | Topic: Tutorial

AMS 2.50 Tutorial

With screenshot on XOOPS

* This tutorial still WIP. This tutorial permission set as open edit to all registered user and everyone free to edit this tutorial. If you like AMS, please contribute back by help us to completing this tutorial.

Table Of Content

  1. Preface
  2. Introduction
  3. AMS Features
  4. Installation
    • Fresh Installation
    • Upgrade from AMS 2.50 Beta 1 or older
  5. Create Topic
  6. Set Permission
  7. Create & Submit Articles
  8. Manage Articles
  9. Use Spotlight Block
  10. Create spotlight templates



AMS Features


Create Topic

Set Permission

Create & Submit Articles

Manage Articles

Use Spotlight Block

Create spotlight templates

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